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Over the course of your life you will make frequent career decisions, and to successfully do that you will first need to understand your skills and motivations,  what makes you happy, and how you can source potential opportunities. You will also need to know where to go for help - you will need to be ‘in the know’

At the Careers and Employability Centre we do not see career decisions as ‘problems to be solved’ but as amazing opportunities for you to look creatively at possibilities; to help you realise your potential and to support you with your next steps.

Guidance Appointment

Choose this appointment if you are looking for help to explore/discuss your plans, identify skills and strengths, support if you are thinking of leaving or changing your course.

Quick appointment

Choose this appointment if you have quite specific career related questions, looking to explore vacancies, placements and volunteering opportunities. Don’t worry if it turns out you need more time. We can schedule a longer appointment if required.


Choose this for meeting with an adviser to discuss your CV, personal statement, application form or interview preparation (including a mock interview if requested).

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