'Heart of Neolithic Orkney’ World Heritage Site Geophysical Survey


Since 2002, a large-scale geophysical survey covering nearly 300 hectares has been conducted across the World Heritage Site and their environs as a means of establishing the nature and extent of the buried archaeology in the landscape surrounding the extant monuments.

The work, supported by Orkney Islands Council and Historic Scotland, has been hugely successful, identifying many news sites, clarifying the extent of known sites, addressing the significance of seemingly archaeologically ‘blank’ areas and illuminating the complex biographies of this unique landscape. The final publication of the survey results is currently being prepared.

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Gater, J. Sheil, D. Card, N. & Ovenden, S. (2006) ‘Geophysical Survey at the Orkney World Heritage Site’ in Jones, R.E. & Sharpe, L. (eds) Going Over Old Ground: Perspectives on archaeological, geophysical and geochemical survey in Scotland. BAR British Series 416, p. 231-233