Research students


Researchers in the field

The Archaeology Institute has built a world-renowned reputation for excellence through its postgraduate research programme in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The five core themes are:

  • Scottish Archaeology
  • Monuments, Artefacts and Cultural Identity
  • Landscape and Environment
  • World Heritage Management
  • Archaeology and Sustainability

PhD Research Students

Sandra HenryPrehistoric seafaring in Scotland and Ireland.

Amber RiversWeaving Time: researching the prehistoric textile production in Scotland through archaeological and creative practice.

Anna EstarothThe role of dark and light skies during the Late Neolithic in Orkney and Shetland.

Holly YoungShore Life: The contribution of shellfish to prehistoric subsistence and social life.

Jenny MurrayA Saint in Stone: The sign of the materiality of the cult of saints as evidenced in the cult of St Magnus the Martyr.

Kath Page - The Deer Turn: reimagining nature and culture duality through human-red deer relations in Scotland’s archaeological past.

Adam Markham - Understanding mind, economy and social transitions in the Viking Age and Late Norse British Isles through the use and meaning of birds.

Joanne MachinA study of medieval pilgrimage through landscape and seascape perspectives.

Bruce SuttonFuel for the Fire: An anthracological investigation of fuelwood resource use from the burnt mound deposits in Ireland.

Sarah-Jane HastonFarming at the Edge: Neolithic agricultural evidence from the Ness of Brodgar, Orkney.

Cameron TaylorNeolithic Narratives: examining storytelling methodologies, tools, and technologies for enriching visitor engagement with prehistory.

MRes (Masters by Research) Students

Claire MacKayMarine mammal exploitation in Late Iron Age and Medieval Orkney.

Keith NeilsonWithin the Round: An archaeobotanical investigation of the floor deposits of an Iron Age broch at The Cairns, South Ronaldsay, Orkney.

Asta PavilionyteEvaluating and reviewing archaeological mitigation undertaken as a result of major road infrastructure development in Scotland and associated public benefits.

Gary Lloyd - Coarse Stone Tools from the Ness of Brodgar: Investigating the Function and Significance of Orcadian Neolithic Multi-Hollowed Cobbles.

Sara Marinoni - Forged in Fire: an anthracological investigation of woodland management and fuel selection for Iron Age metalworking at Culduthel, Invernesshire, UK.

Susan Dyke - Brave New World: a palaeoecological investigation into Neolithic human-environment interactions on Ness of Brodgar Isthmus, Orkney.

Farrah Skimani - An investigation of the impact of commercialisation on money circulation and trade in medieval and early modern Shetland.

Jackson Clark - Burning issues: the significance of burnt and cremated faunal assemblages in Neolithic Orkney.

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