Knowes of Trotty

Orkney College/Orkney Archaeological Trust excavation - Harray, Mainland, Orkney

Large scale geophysical and topographic survey of this Bronze Age burial cemetery, the only one of its kind in northern Britain. In 2005 excavations focussed on the re-opening of the largest mound from which gold and amber artefacts had been found in 19th century – as a result there first radiocarbon date associated with an amber necklace in Britain has been obtained.

2005-6 excavations also revealed an early Neolithic house with a very rare find of an associated pottery kiln. Further investigation of pottery kiln planned. Funded by Historic Scotland and Orkney Islands Council.

Site under excavation.

Early Neolithic house.

Mound 1 cist re-excavated following 1850s investigations.

Local interest in the excavations was high.