Learning and Teaching Academy Scholarship Fund

The Learning and Teaching Academy awards a small number of scholarships each year to enable university staff to undertake relevant education-related scholarship and research.

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Learning and Teaching Academy scholarship calls are often linked to current or emerging issues of particular interest to the university, or which are topical within the education sector. However the scholarships can also be focused on the further development of existing pedagogic research projects.

The outputs of scholarship projects typically take the form of reports, with recommendations to guide effective practice and further research, or may also be produced as academic papers for a chosen education or discipline-related journal.

LTA Scholarship Fund 2018/19

The LTA Scholarship Fund for 2018/19 is now closed. The following bids were successful:

  • Co-designing palliative and end of life care education in the BSc Nursing curriculum. Project lead: Clare Carolan (Department of Nursing and Midwifery, UHI)

  • Evaluating the longitudinal impacts of the Integrated Land Use Conference: are we influencing mindsets of current and future land managers?. Project lead: Euan Bowditch (Inverness College UHI)

  • Archipelago of adventure: What are the main limitations and constraints in creating a multimedia based qualification for delivery in the South Pacific? Project lead: Donna Heddle (Orkney College UHI)

  • Students as partners: Creating a collective responsibility for course evaluation and improvement. Project lead: Catriona Meighan (Inverness College UHI)
If you have any questions about the LTA Scholarship Fund please contact Heather Fotheringham.