University Mentoring Scheme


The University of the Highlands and Islands Mentoring Scheme offers a range of mentoring opportunities for all university colleagues and is designed to support personal development and skills enhancement of the individual in ways that are contextualised to their own needs, interests and aspirations. The scheme is open to new, early career and more experienced colleagues who are seeking mentoring support, and to colleagues who wish to become mentors.

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Contact details

For any general enquiries around the mentoring scheme please contact the Mentoring Scheme Coordinator Alex Walker at

Alex Walker

Alex Walker

for ALPINE mentoring

Ann Tilbury

Ann Tilbury

for learning and teaching enhancement mentoring

Melanie Smith, Inverness College UHI

Melanie Smith

for research mentoring

Heather Fotheringham

Heather Fotheringham

for scholarship development mentoring

What people say about mentoring content

What people say about mentoring

What people say about mentoring

I valued the opportunity to discuss and share the (ALPINE) application process with my mentor who brought experience, insight and clarity.


Without my mentor, I would never have been able to complete my qualification (CMALT) so I owe her a lot of thanks.


Mentoring makes me reflect on my own choices/decisions- it has helped me rediscover self-confidence.

 Mentoring gives me great satisfaction. It helps me to further develop my leadership skills through the exploration of issues faced by the mentee.


I feel that the two things that support best the embedding of and application of learning are the mentoring scheme and the development of vehicles for recognition/visibility