Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy


The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy (2017-2021) is a values-based strategy designed to provide a 'common language' to support the development, sharing, and enhancement of learning, teaching and assessment practice across the university.

The strategy was developed through extensive consultation and review across the university. It is intended to complement and extend learning and teaching policy and practice within and across the Academic Partners of the university, and provide a means to both recognise existing good practice and to develop our future practice.

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy comprises four key components:

  1. Twelve Learning and Teaching Enhancement Values that provide the basis of the strategy itself, and of a common language for learning and teaching enhancement
  2. A set of implementation actions and objectives for the embedding of the aforementioned values in institutional policy, practice and professional development provision across the five year timescale for the operationalisation of the strategy
  3. Mapping of the values to illustrative examples that provide a general sense of direction or insight into how each of the values could be represented in practice
  4. Mapping of the values to key internal and external policies and benchmarks, to articulate the broader internal and external relevance and applicability of the values

Embedding the strategy

The formal embedding of the strategy began in 2017/18 and has included a range of activities  taken forward through the Learning and Teaching Academy to help colleagues engage with the strategy and embed, or further embed, the values of the strategy within their own practice.

The Learning and Teaching Academy can also offer opportunities and events within Academic Partners, Faculties and Subject Networks to support engagement with the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy. If this would be of interest to you please contact us.