Dr Daniel Crabtree

Division of Biomedical Sciences,
University of the Highlands and Islands,
Centre for Health Science,
Old Perth Road,
IV2 3JH.

tel: 44 (0)1463 279405

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Physical activity; Exercise physiology; Body composition; Appetite; Energy balance

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Since completing a PhD in exercise metabolism at the University of Birmingham in 2012, my early career research has examined the effects of dietary interventions and physical activity on metabolic health in humans. I have been employed as a Research Fellow at the University of the Highlands and Islands since June 2017. I occupy a leading role within the Active Health Exercise Lab at the University of the Highlands and Islands, Centre for Health Science. My main objective is to combine the Centre for Health Science’s exemplary biochemical research with human nutrition and physical activity interventions, which represents a key element of the University research growth strategy. I have experience in designing, executing and publishing human nutrition intervention studies involving a variety of age groups.

Current research

Examining the effects of the 5:2 diet on cardiovascular health in overweight men aged 30-40 years.

Investigating the impact of a plant-based dietary supplement on health and fitness during a period of reduced physical activity in young and older adults.

Evaluating the effectiveness of an online toolkit designed to assist personal trainers in providing physical activity advice to individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Assessing the validity of a range of wearable physical activity monitoring devices.

Research groups and interests

University of the Highlands and Islands, Active Health Exercise Lab.

Selected publications

Lay AHH, Crabtree DR, Campbell TG, Dreczkowski GM, Galloway SDR, Tipton KD & Witard OC (2018). A bedtime milk snack does not impact RMR, substrate utilisation and appetite the following morning in mildly overweight males. Br J Nutr 119, 1355-1365.

Charbonnier L, van Meer F, Johnstone AM, Crabtree D, Buosi W, Manios Y, Androutsos O, Giannopoulou A, Viergever MA, & Smeets PAM (2018). Effects of hunger state on the brain responses to food cues across the life span. NeuroImage 171, 246-255.

Crabtree DR, Blannin AK (2015). The effects of exercise in the cold on ghrelin, PYY and food intake in overweight adults. Med Sci Sports Exerc 47, 49-57.

Crabtree DR, Chambers ES, Hardwick RM & Blannin AK (2014). The effects of high-intensity exercise on neural responses to images of food. Am J Clin Nutr 99, 258-267