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Are you a journalist looking for informed comment on a wide range of issues? Check out our list of experts below and if you can’t find who you are looking for please call our media team on 01463 279 222 or email us.

If you are a staff member and wish to join the list of experts, please read our communications guidelines and complete the online application form (please note this link will only be available to staff).

Expert listing

Name Expertise
Dr Alexandra Sanmark Archaeology, Christianisation, Nordic issues, Vikings
Dr Andrew Jennings Nordic issues, Shetland, Vikings
Prof Andrew Rae Aerodynamics, Aircraft Design
Anna-Wendy Stevenson Music, Remote and rural learning, Virtual and remote teams
Anne Frater Bilingualism, Gaelic
Dr Antonia Thomas Art and Archaeology
Prof Ben Wilson Marine, Renewables
Dr Beth Mouat Fisheries ecology
Dr Clive Fox Ecosystems, Fisheries ecology, Marine biology, Marine ecology
Dr Daniel Crabtree Appetite, Body composition, Exercise physiology, Physical activity
Prof David Worthington Central Europe, Early modern period (c.1500-c.1750), Firths and coasts, Scottish history, Scottish-Polish history
Prof Donna Heddle Culture, Highland tourism, Nordic issues, Orkney, Scots language, Scottish history, Scottish literature, Shetland, Technology and education, Vikings
Dr Seán McLaughlin Music
Edward Niland Athlete long-term development, Coach long-term development, Disability sport inclusion, Sport development, Sport psychology, Sport science
Dr Eddy Graham Climate, Meteorology, Weather
Dr Elizabeth Ritchie Canadian history, Highland clearances, Scottish history
Prof Frank Rennie Environment, Online learning, Rural issues
Dr Iain MacInnes Medieval Scotland, Medieval warfare, Scottish history
Prof Ian Megson Antioxidants, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Free radicals
Jacky Macmillan E-learning, Innovative use of technology in learning, Instructional design, Learning materials design and development, Online learning, Quality and compliance, Remote and rural learning, Virtual and remote teams
Prof Jane Downes Archaeology, Prehistory, Sustainability, World heritage sites
Dr Jim MacPherson British history, Scottish history
Dr John Howe Geology
Julie Gibson Archaeology, Highland tourism, Orkney, Picts, Planning, Vikings, World heritage sites
Dr Kathrin Zickermann Scottish history, Shetland
Kelli Cochran-Sharp Fitness, Healthy lifestyles, Sport psychology
Dr Lesley Mickel Drama and Performance, Renaissance
Lynn Campbell Orkney, Scottish culture and heritage, Scottish tourism, Tourist guiding
Prof Martin Price Biodiversity, Climate, Environment, Land management, Mountain studies
Dr Melanie Smith Fisheries ecology, Forestry, Wood energy
Dr Miriam Iorwerth Music, Sound production
Prof Morag Redford Remote and rural learning
Nick Green Acoustic ecology, Archaeoacoustics, Sound production
Dr Nina O'Hanlon Gulls, Ornithology, Seabirds
Dr Oisín Plumb Picts, Scottish history
Pete Honeyman Music
Dr Philippa Woodcock Early modern art, Early modern period (c.1500-c.1750), Early modern political/military/diplomatic history, European Reformation, French history, History of fashion, Huguenots, Italian history, Renaissance
Prof Philomena de Lima Migration, Rural communities, Rural issues
Rachel Shucksmith Biosecurity planning, Data assessment, Data usage, Fisheries ecology, Fisheries mapping, Mapping, Marine, Marine governance, Marine licensing, Marine spatial planning, Shetland, Stakeholder engagement
Dr Raeanne Miller Artificial reefs, Marine energy (renewables and oil and gas), Marine invertebrates
Dr Ragnhild Ljosland Bilingualism, Culture, Nordic issues, Orkney
Sarah Dunnett Sport development
Dr Sarah-Anne Munoz Rural Health
Dr Scott Timpany Archaeology, Environment, Paleoenvironmental studies
Shaddai Tembo Childhood, Gender studies, LGBT+, Racial equalities
Dr Simon Clarke Archaeology, Videoconferencing
Dr Siún Carden Rural communities, Rural issues
Prof Stefan Brink Christianisation, Nordic issues, Vikings
Dr Steve Taylor Adventure tourism
Prof Stuart Gibb Climate, Ecosystems, Environment, Marine ecology, Renewable energy
Dr Tom McCallum Artificial Intelligence, Computer security, Computing, Deep learning
Tom Smale Sport development
Prof Trish Gorely Healthy lifestyles, Physical activity