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Simon Clarke is a senior lecturer in archaeology, based in Shetland College. He obtain a first class honours in Archaeological Sciences at Bradford University before completing a PhD on Iron Age and Roman settlement archaeology of SW of England.

He has taken part in both research and rescue excavation and survey thoughout Britain, Europe and North Africa; notable highlights including the Roman cities of Pompeii (Italy) and Leptis Minus (Tunisia), The Roman forts of Nijmegan (Netherlands), Binchester (Co Durham)and Newstead (Borders) and the Iron Age settlements of Lingcoft Farm (Yorkshire), Scatness Broch (Shetland) and Birnie (Moray).

Since joining Shetland College UHI in 1998 he has been using videoconferencing alongside virtual learning environments to support distributed cohorts of students enrolled on networked degree programmes across the partnership.

Current research

Ritual deposition in Roman Well Contexts
Phenomenological approaches to Shetland prehistoric Landscapes
The use of VC to support distributed student cohorts

Research groups/interest

Landscape archaeology
Heritage management including visual impact
Cross cultural encounter and interaction
Structured deposition (ritual)
Social interpretation from architectural evidence
Pedagogue particularly in association with VC and VLE

Selected publications

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http://www.sero.co.uk/assets/E-activity%20at%20Shetland%20College.ppt#278,1,E-activity at Shetland College
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