Launch Event of Bruce Richie's new book to be hosted by HTC

HTC is delighted to host the launch event for Bruce Richie's latest book on James Clerk Maxwell, the 19th Century Physicist. Join us for a fascinating evening where we'll have the chance to hear from the author, ask questions, and buy a discounted copy of the book.

Dr Bruce Ritchie is a close friend of HTC, having lectured with us for many years. It's a pleasure to be hosting the event alongside the author.

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) was a Scottish physicist and devout Christian who revolutionized our understanding of the universe. He's most famous for unifying electricity and magnetism with his ground-breaking electromagnetic theory. He's considered one of the most influential scientists ever, alongside Newton and Einstein.

This will be a brilliant for anyone interested in the intersection between faith and science, as well as those interested in church history and the Victorian era.

  • Hosted at Inshes East Church, Inverness
  • Friday the 15th March
  • From 7:30pm
  • Tea/Coffee Available
  • Significantly discounted copies of the book available