History Skills - Out in the World


Who knows where your passion for history will take you? 

UHI Centre for History collaborative graduate blog by Sam Baillie, Victoria Whiteford & Jonathan Main, with introduction by Dr Lucy Dean 

We are blessed that many of our graduates from the Centre for History keep in touch with us and take the time to share their experiences about the wide variety of paths that they have taken. Even more exciting than hearing how they are spreading their wings in the world beyond UHI, is being able to provide them with opportunities to inspire our current students and see their raw enthusiasm encouraging others.

This year we have been working with a number of our graduates to support current undergraduates at all levels through graduate contributions to our core skills modules at first, second and fourth year. These contributions have all been linked to helping students to identify and better appreciate the transferable nature the skills that they are developing during their degree studies. Three of our graduate contributors – Sam Baillie, a communications assistant at SAMH; Victoria Whiteford, a trainee accountant; and Jonathan Main, who works in housing policy research – offer reflections here on key skills that are essential to their everyday activities at work that they gained and nurtured from their time as students.  


Working with our graduates is inspiring and we are always looking for ways to explore such opportunities. Currently, we our expanding our efforts to create a more formal graduate mentoring and support network to continue to build and develop these dialogues. If you graduated from the Centre for History and would be interested in becoming a mentor or if you could like to provide a short testimonial about your time with the Centre for History, you can do this by completing a short form on our Alumni Connections page.