Jonathan Main

Critical Thinking and Synthesising Complex Information content

Critical Thinking and Synthesising Complex Information

Jonathan graduated with a BA (Hons) in History and Politics in 2020. 

As a policymaker for a local authority, the critical thinking skills I developed during my history degree have been exceptionally valuable. While studying history, I learned to analyse complex information, assess multiple perspectives, and consider the implications of decisions made in the past. These skills have afforded me the ability to approach policy issues with a nuanced and well-informed outlook. 

In particular, my training in historical research has proven surprisingly helpful in my current role. History graduates are skilled at finding and synthesising information from various sources, which has helped me navigate the often-complex landscape of policy research. Whether I am researching the best practices for housing policy or evaluating the impact of new regulations, my history degree has equipped me with the skills to conduct thorough and insightful research. 

From critical thinking to research abilities, studying history has equipped me with the essential tools to tackle complex issues and make informed decisions. Who knew that a passion for history would lead to a successful career in policy? 

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Jonathan Main