Research Alliances

Renaissance and Early Modern content two figures in a 19th century engraving

Renaissance and Early Modern

This new group promotes a collaborative cross-disciplinary research culture amongst early modern and renaissance scholars through regular discussions and events.

Public Histories, Material Cultures and Heritage content Public Histories, Material Cultures and Heritage

Public Histories, Material Cultures and Heritage

Sharing our research and working collaboratively with heritage bodies, organisations and communities.

Empires and Diasporas content Empires and Diasporas

Empires and Diasporas

This group focuses on imperial and diasporic pasts, taking a regional and transnational approach, and looking both at Europe and the British Empire.

Land, Landscape and Memories content Land, Landscape and Memories

Land, Landscape and Memories

Studying the histories of the varied entanglements of landscape, environment and the non-human with human processes and practices.

Maritime, Coastal and Riverine Histories & Cultures content Maritime, Coastal and Riverine histories & cultures [image provided courtesy of Sue Jane Taylor]

Maritime, Coastal and Riverine Histories & Cultures

How histories and cultures have been created around, and influenced, riverine, port, coastal and maritime environments.

Medieval Worlds and Medievalisms content Medieval Worlds and Medievalisms

Medieval Worlds and Medievalisms

An exciting new research area considering the modern representation of the Middle Ages and medieval history as it is represented through and in modern media.

Monarchy, Wars and Diplomacy content Monarchy, War and Diplomacy

Monarchy, Wars and Diplomacy

Bringing together staff with expertise in military history, the history of formal and informal cross-border relations, cultural diplomacy, and the history of kingship.

Genders and Families content Gender and Families [image provided courtesy of Historylinks Museum, Dornoch]

Genders and Families

Investigating how gendering and family shape and reflect the experience of migration, power and the construction of masculinity.

Customs, Cultures, Rituals and Beliefs content Customs, Cultures Rituals and Beliefs

Customs, Cultures, Rituals and Beliefs

Research alliance centred on explorations of the customs, culture, rituals and beliefs that permeate life across chronologies, social strata, gender and region.