Renaissance and Early Modern (REMRA)


Dr Kathrin Zickermann, Professor David Worthington, Dr Lucy Dean

two figures in a 19th century engraving

The Renaissance and Early Modern Research Alliance (REMRA) promotes co-operation and cross-disciplinary research across the various centres and institutes of the University of the Highlands and Islands. The group is convened by Dr Kathrin Zickermann (UHI Centre for History) and consists of c.20 members of staff (including visiting professors and research fellows) who are research active in the Renaissance and early modern period (c.1560 – 1750). REMRA holds regular meetings and informal coffee breaks. It is envisaged to grow organically, supporting an active research culture and assisting with joined funding applications. The group will host two or three annual events including virtual roundtables and in-person workshops to promote its work within UHI and to the wider academic community. 



Looking Outward: the Future of Early Modern Scottish Studies at UHI

Online Roundtable, Tuesday 26 April 2022, 1900-2030.  Click here to register.

This roundtable aims to introduce The Renaissance and Early Modern Research Alliance (REMRA) to colleagues and postgraduate students within UHI and to the wider academic world. REMRA is a new, interdisciplinary research group designed to bring together research active staff working across different institutes and centres at UHI and to promote an engaging and productive research culture. Our speakers will highlight their current and forthcoming research projects and discuss how these connect to the overall theme Looking Outward: The Future of Early Modern Scottish Studies at UHI. In particular, they will explain how their research pays attention to the multiple connections which existed between early modern Scotland and the wider world. Another point of discussion will revolve around potential research collaborations within UHI and with other universities in the UK, Europe, and elsewhere.   


Dr Sarah-Jane Gibbon is a lecturer at the UHI Archaeology Institute and interested in landscapes of belief with focus on pastoral care, pilgrimage and identities in the Northern Isles and Northern Scotland. She is PI on the Looking in from the Edge (LIFTE) project which investigates Orkney’s and Shetland’s place in 15 – 18th century European trade networks.

Dr Andrew Lind is a lecturer at the UHI Institute for Northern Studies and a specialist on the British Civil Wars (c.1638 – 1651). He has further research interests in the broader political, religious, and military history of early modern Britain, Ireland and Northern Europe.

Dr Lesley Mickel lectures in drama and literature at UHI Inverness. Her focus on the material aspects of court culture has led to new and innovative work on the representation of Scots in court entertainment and public theatre at home and abroad; this is the focus of current work towards a monograph for the OUP series Early Modern Literary Geographies.

Professor David Worthington is the head of the UHI Centre for History. He is researching Scottish (and wider British and Irish) connections with central Europe between c.1500 and c.1700. He is also interested in the history of the firthlands and mainland nothern Scotland from a coastal history context. His new monograph on the traveller, scholar and minister Rev. James Fraser (1634-1709) will be published shortly.

Dr Kathrin Zickermann is a lecturer at the UHI Centre for History and the convener of the REMRA group. Her research focuses on early modern Scottish and English migration to and settlement in the southern Baltic. She is also interested in the connections between the  Northern Isles and the outside world.

The event will be chaired by Professor Elizabeth Ewan who is a visiting professor at the UHI Centre for History.