5th International St Magnus Conference


The Institute for Northern Studies UHI 5th International St Magnus Conference, in Shetland, 15 to 18 April 2020.




The old wives’ tale might be stuff and nonsense, but it too could yield a harvest in corn and gold, if you stroked it smooth and combed it through.
(Marina Warner, From the Beast to the Blonde, p.21)

Island life would have been impossible without the equal contribution of women and men. Women have often taken leading roles in island communities, running them when their men have been off island seeking employment, as fishermen, whalers, serving in the navy or as merchant seamen. However, is this reflected in the stories that are told?

This conference seeks to explore both the female and male experience of island life from the Viking Age, or earlier, to the present. The primary research focus will be the islands of the North Atlantic, but research and stories from other island communities are welcomed. It will be a multi-disciplinary exploration, and we welcome contributions from historians, archaeologists, folklorists, and cultural studies, gender studies and literary scholars.

Call for Papers

Registration is now open via the booking form. Please email ins@uhi.ac.uk if you have any queries.