Communities content


Access to healthcare services is critical to good health, yet rural and remote communities face a variety of access barriers. Find out more about what is being done to improve access to services and assist people living with chronic health conditions with self-management. 

Education content


Rural and remote healthcare workers often experience barriers to access appropriate education, development and training support, which can then limit their ability to provide high quality care.  Find out what's being done to co-ordinate remote and rural healthcare education developments, and to support education and training for the remote and rural health care workers.

Research content


Contribute to the growing evidence base in rural and remote healthcare, or find out more about the latest innovation research and evaluation projects and programmes underway.  Get involved by contacting directly the research organisations for the most complete and current information.

Innovation content


Digital innovation has an essential role to play in delivering high quality and accessible care in rural and remote areas, and in contributing to economic growth.  The dispersed population and unique geography of the Highlands and Islands also makes it the ideal location to develop, test and trial new and innovative technologies in digital health.