Chapter 9: Towards a New Model for the Revival of the Gaelic Community


In this chapter, we set out a new model for the revival of the Gaelic community. In section 9.1, we explore the need and present the basis for credible Gaelic policies and community interventions. In section 9.2, we discuss language planning and policy in a community development framework with reference to some of the international literature. In section 9.3, we present our proposal for a new Participatory Minority Language Cooperative to be operationalised as Urras na Gàidhlig (the Gaelic Community Trust). An overview of the new model is presented in section 9.4 and section 9.5 contains a summary description of the operational strands comprising the model. Section 9.6 contrasts the societal and the institutional approaches to language policy and planning. Sections 9.7 and 9.8 provide detailed exposition of the four main strategic priorities within the model. In suggesting a new model for Gaelic policy it is important not to underestimate the challenges involved in taking a new course of action. Adopting a more positive and relevant approach necessarily entails counteracting the effects of inertia and of the many years of linguicidal initiatives against Gaelic; contending with those who benefit from the status quo and, more pointedly from a communal perspective, Gaelic revitalisation will also have to address the sociolinguistic reality of two generations of general English-language dominance in the islands.

The Gaelic Crisis in the Vernacular Community: Chapter 9

The Gaelic version of Chapter 9 “A dh’ionnsaigh modail ùr airson ath-bheòthachadh coimhearsnachd na Gàidhlig” can be downloaded here:Caibideil 9: Modail Ùr Airson Ath-bheòthachadh Coimhearsnachd na Gàidhlig