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Shellfish Sector - Tackling Challenges TogetherWe recognise the challenges and opportunities of the industry and are here to support you.

We do this by:

Tackling challenges together - we work with many businesses and across many aspects of shellfish aquaculture including oyster hatcheries and mussel farmers.

Encouraging new people into the sector and helping you increase the skills and qualifications of your workforce - we deliver a variety of aquaculture programmes to Schools and have a wide range of shellfish training programmes available across Scotland, ranging from short courses to vocational courses and right through to formal University qualifications

Providing access to facilities and expertise - our state-of-the-art facilities include various labs, instrumentation, survey equipment, computing and cultivation facilities.

We work with businesses at all sizes and stages - from new start-ups to established multinational companies. 

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Shellfish Sector - Tackling Challenges Together

An effective monitoring and early warning system for Harmful Algal Blooms have had a highly positive impact on shellfish aquaculture in Scotland.  By leveraging advanced modelling techniques and innovative monitoring technologies, UHI are providing aquaculture businesses with powerful tools to monitor and address the threats posed by HABs.

Training and Skills Development

Our Modern Apprenticeships (MA) in Shellfish Cultivation are excellent work-based learning courses that supports the growth and training needs in the sector.  Apprenticeships provide practical, ‘on-the-job’ training and skills development for aquaculture staff at all levels, leading to nationally recognised qualifications. Our Level 3 MA is for more experienced staff, and takes 2-4 years to complete.  

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Facilities and Equipment

Our Alan Ansell Research Aquarium's advanced capabilities in photoperiod and temperature control, broodstock conditioning, larval rearing, and algal production make it a valuable asset for marine research. 

Its diverse applications contribute to our understanding of marine biology, aquaculture, and environmental sustainability. 

Researchers at this facility can explore a range of topics, from breeding and rearing to studying the effects of environmental factors on marine life, offering valuable insights for both scientific and industrial applications.


Knowledge Exchange at UHI

Working collaboratively at the local, national and international level, the UHI Aquaculture Hub facilitates Knowledge Exchange to provide positive outcomes for the businesses, students and communities in our region.

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