Red Button feedback service standards


What we do

The university is committed to enhancing the student experience.  The Red Button is one method we use to improve our services.  Students may use the Red Button service to provide feedback.

Who uses the Red Button?

The Red Button is a method of student feedback.  All students of the University of the Highlands and Islands may use this service.  At UHI this means students on HNC, HND, degree, masters level courses and research students.  Other students, on Further Education level courses, are directly enrolled by UHI academic partners and should contact their college with feedback.

Service standards

We aim to provide high service standards in all our dealings with students through the Red Button.  In all of your dealings with us, you can expect:

  • our staff to be polite, helpful and professional
  • to receive a reply to your enquiry within three working days
  • for your feedback to be dealt with within a reasonable time scale
  • special provision to be made if required for people with disabilities
  • clear replies in response to your enquiry.

In operating the Red Button service we will

  • Encourage easy access
  • Record and analyse all complaints, compliments and suggestions
  • Use plain language in all communications
  • Contact you, and where we cannot resolve an issue right away, leave you with details of who is dealing with your issue and how we plan to proceed towards resolution.
  • Keep students informed when we cannot send them a response within reasonable time scales
  • Inform students of their right to raise a complaint if we cannot resolve their issue
  • Review each piece of feedback carefully to establish what lessons we can learn

...and if we can, improve our services as a result.

How do we publicise the Red Button?

The Red Button is promoted online on the students section of the website.  It is also promoted each new session in an email to all students.  Offline, we encourage course staff and academic partners to make all students aware of the service.  Posters and other promotional materials are also sent to all university locations for display and distribution.

Dealing with service issues at the university

We aim to resolve issues locally by involving the staff who deliver teaching and support services to students.  All issues and suggestions are reviewed to improve the quality of the service we deliver to students.  Using the Red Button does not alter in any way the option for students to make a formal complaint.

To use the service

Visit Red Button or email