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"You said, We said" at the Red Button content

"You said, We said" at the Red Button

Students often ask what topics they can contact the Red Button regarding.  This small selection of recent enquiries shows the wide range of issues and suggestions students get in touch with us about.

You said: A student contacted us to ask why the library at Inverness College UHI is not open longer in the evenings and the weekend.


We said: An arrangement has been made with the Inverness public library to provide study space on certain evenings and Saturdays, when the University library is closed.


You said: Having made a mitigating circumstances claim, the student asked why unless the results presented in UHI records are overtyped with MC then a mitigating circumstances claim is not awarded?

We said: The MC grade is only a flag on the student's record to highlight that a mitigating circumstances claim has been submitted.  The claim is taken forward to an exam board for approval and notification of outcomes are provided to the exam board chair and clerk.  It's only after the exam boards have met and agreed the marks that students are informed that their claim has been approved.


You said: Students noticed a difference in catering facilities and opening times provided at the Moray Technology Centre in comparison with the main campus and asked if there could be a review of the service.

We said: A new sandwich display cabinet will enhance the offering.  The manager will also ensure that that hot food is available until the end of lunch break, allowing all students to access this service.  Beyond these immediate improvements, replacing the current fridge will free up space so a better range of cakes and cookies can shortly be displayed.


You said: When will exam results be available?

We said: Results are usually available within two days of an exam board. You can find out the dates of exam boards on the Academic Calendar. Results are available immediately by logging on to your personal student record.


You said: Who is my Personal Academic Tutor (PAT)?

We said: Details of your Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) are available on the student record system.  If you are not sure how to find this information, use the Red Button form - we will be pleased to look it up for you.


You said: A student was in touch to say they were unhappy about the cleanliness of the computer lab they regularly used.

We said: The cleaning schedule was reviewed, and sanitation gel and wipes have been provided so that students can clean workstations between users.