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Statement on Exercise of Functions content

Statement on Exercise of Functions

This is the UHI Statement of University-Based Provision, based on dedicated funding from the Scottish Government. In 2018, the Scottish Government committed to providing access to free sanitary products for students in schools, colleges, and universities. Scotland has subsequently become the first UK nation to offer free sanitary products for all, as part of the 2020 Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill.

UHI has been delivering on the Scottish Government requirement to provide access to free sanitary products in schools, colleges, and universities, to support equality, dignity, and rights for those who menstruate, and to ensure that lack of access to products does not impact on an individual's ability to fully participate in education at all levels.

We are fully committed to student care and work hard to educate and empower our students throughout their learning journey. Ending period poverty is an important strand in this work and the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act 2021 has given us a platform to provide accessible, free products to all students who need them.

UHI is an integrated university encompassing both further and higher education. It is a diverse and flexible partnership serving our communities, and connected to their needs.

SFC funding is provided to UHI, who have a model in place whereby funds are distributed to local colleges, who are individually responsible for ensuring period products are available to students, and may provide these in a variety of ways.

Our partner colleges are;

Depending on where students are located within the UHI partnership, products can be accessed in a variety of ways including, but not limited to;

  • Student Services
  • in campus/learning centre toilets
  • In UHI residencies
  • In HISA offices (Highlands and Islands Student Association)

They are accessible throughout the year except when buildings are closed for public holidays, including the 2 week Christmas break.

UHI central and some academic partners have also signed up with Hey Girls, who are an organisation delivering products directly to student's homes. Students can choose from a range of products, which are paid for by UHI or the relevant academic partner, including;

  • single use pads
  • washable period pants
  • single use tampons
  • menstrual cups
Consultation and Engagement content

Consultation and Engagement

Consultation and Engagement

Our academic partner colleges will undertake local consultation and engagement with their student body to ensure provision meets the expectations of students.

However, UHI also welcomes feedback;

Next Steps content

Next Steps

Next Steps

UHI is committed to ensuring period products are readily available to all our students, will continue to work creatively and thoughtfully in promoting period dignity across our campuses and learning centres, and for our online learners.