Showcase session A, Day 3

All sessions run in their respective rooms from 0915 - 1010, i.e. all A1 sessions run consecutively in room 1.

SHOWCASE Title Main speaker Co-speaker AP (main speaker)
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A1 Reduced Amputations in People with Diabetes (RAPID): Evaluation of a New Care Pathway Sandra MacRury Kate Stephen  Div Health Res
A1 Exploring Online Health Information Seeking in Scotland Julia Moreland   MC
A1 Using a Community Engagement Approach to Encourage Lyme Disease Risk Mitigation Sarah Morton Sarah-Anne Munoz Div Health Res
A1 Natural Antibodies and Health Conditions Jun Wei   Div Health Res
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A2 Monitoring and Early Warning of Harmful Algal Blooms Callum Whyte   SAMS
A2 Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas Rosalind Bryce Martin Price, Diane Valero, Amy Woolvin CMS (PC)
A2 Investigating Evidence for Woodland Management from a Multi-Period Burnt Mound Complex, Ballygawley, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland Scott Timpany Tim Mighall (Aberdeen University) Archaeology Institute (OC)
A2 Marine Spatial Planning in Practice - Will MSP Deliver Improved Marine Management? Rachel Shucksmith   NAFC Marine Centre
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A3 Hospitality in Adventure Tourism Jelena Farkic   WHC
A3 Introduction of PhD project: Runic Writing in the Viking Diaspora: Expression of a Norse Identity? Andrea Blendl   CNS/OC
A3 What is the Meaning of Life? Alan Dunn   HTC
A3 Angela Lansbury: Servant, Mother, Tourist, Spy. Kyle Smith   PC
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A4 The BioMAG Laboratory: A Genetic Resource for Aquatic Biodiversity Management Mark Coulson Eric Verspoor Rivers and Lochs Institute (IC)
A4 Microplastics in the Marine Environment Bhavani Narayanaswamy Winnie Courtney-Jones SAMS
A4 Investigating the Ecology of Black Guillemots in Relation to Marine Renewable Energy and Marine Protected Areas Daniel Johnston   ERI-CFEE (NHC)
A4 Autonomous underwater vehicle observations of a tide water glacier, western Svalbard John Howe   SAMS
A4 Development of a Workflow for Processing High Volume X-Band Radar Data with Respect to Validation of Point Sensor and Specific Areas of Interest James Morrison Angus Murray, Charles Greenwood  LCC