Emergency Study Fund


The current cost of living crisis is affecting everyone, but at UHI, we are seeing daily that the impact on our students is catastrophic. Increases in utility bills, food prices and transport costs pose financial challenges on a level that we had hoped never to see, especially for the many students who already found it difficult to make ends meet, even before prices began to rise significantly.

The Emergency Study Fund was first launched at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, to support our students who needed it most. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we raised over £115,000 and supported over 150 students during this exceptionally worrying time. We were able to help those who couldn't afford the technical equipment to study at home and others who were in real financial hardship. We also provided mental health support for those struggling.

Sadly, we now need to open the Emergency Study Fund again. If we don't support our students through this cost-of-living crisis, the reality is that many won't be able to continue with their studies.   

We have over 30,000 students across our partnership and all donations to the Emergency Study Fund will support us in responding to those students who need help the most, enhancing their welfare and enabling them to complete their course.

Your donation will support a student through:

  • Free breakfast and hot lunch provision at their local campus
  • Help with household bills
  • Purchase of necessary equipment and materials
  • Assistance with Childcare and/or travel costs

Please donate whatever you can. Even small amounts add up and you can make a real difference to a student who is really struggling just now.