QAA Enhancement Themes


The Scottish Higher Education sector has just commenced a new three year national enhancement theme: Resilient Learning Communities. Every Scottish Higher Education Institution contributes to the enhancement theme, through collaborative engagement and their own institutional projects and initiatives.

Resilience: The quality of being quick to adapt to disruption and change


There are three strands of activity for the university with events and projects planned within each strand:

  • Strand 1: Facilitating Resilient Students
  • Strand 2: Facilitating Resilient Staff
  • Strand 3: Creating Resilient Processes and Structures


There is more detail about the Theme work in the summary document and year 1 plan here:

More details about work within each of the strands is gviven below, and will be added to during the year:


Strand 1: Facilitating Resilient Students

Work taking place within this strand in 2020-21 includes:



Enhancement Themes Consultation Group

Enhancement Themes activity is overseen by a group which reports to the University's Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committtee (QAEC). Group members are:

Six people linking hand to wrist in a circle

  • Professor Keith Smyth, Head of Learning and Teaching Academy (Chair and the University’s representative on SHEEC (Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee)
  • Dr Heather Fotheringham, Learning and Teaching Academy (staff lead for the Enhancement Theme)
  • Jack Shehata, HISA VPHE (student lead for the Enhancement Theme)
  • Jane Steele, Learning and Teaching Academy (clerk)
  • Rhiannon Tinsley, Academic Registrar
  • Dr Iain Morrison, Dean of Students
  • Andrew Bowie, HISA
  • Kevin Sinclair, Student Engagement Manager
  • Dr Iain MacInnes, Subject Network Leader, Humanities
  • Iain Eisner, Careers Manager
  • Elaine Dalloway, Educational Development Unit