QAA Enhancement Themes


The Scottish Higher Education sector has just commenced a new three year national enhancement theme: Resilient Learning Communities. Every Scottish Higher Education Institution contributes to the enhancement theme, through collaborative engagement and their own institutional projects and initiatives.

There are three strands of activity for the university with events and projects planned within each strand:

  • Strand 1: Facilitating Resilient Students
  • Strand 2: Facilitating Resilient Staff
  • Strand 3: Creating Resilient Processes and Structures


There is more detail about the Theme work in the summary document and year 1 plan here:

More details about work within each of the strands is gviven below, and will be added to during the year:


Strand 1: Facilitating Resilient Students

Work taking place within this strand in 2020-21 includes:



Enhancement Themes Consultation Group

Enhancement Themes activity is overseen by a group which reports to the University's Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committtee (QAEC). Group members are:

Six people linking hand to wrist in a circle

  • Professor Keith Smyth, Head of Learning and Teaching Academy (Chair and the University’s representative on SHEEC (Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee)
  • Dr Heather Fotheringham, Learning and Teaching Academy (staff lead for the Enhancement Theme)
  • Jack Shehata, HISA VPHE (student lead for the Enhancement Theme)
  • Jane Steele, Learning and Teaching Academy (clerk)
  • Rhiannon Tinsley, Academic Registrar
  • Dr Iain Morrison, Dean of Students
  • Andrew Bowie, HISA
  • Kevin Sinclair, Student Engagement Manager
  • Dr Iain MacInnes, Subject Network Leader, Humanities
  • Iain Eisner, Careers Manager