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Library Services

The service is free to all students enrolled on any UHI or partner college course and to all staff employed by UHI or at an academic partner.  Student library accounts are created at course registration, with the student ID number being the library number.  Resources in any UHI library are available to all staff and students.

Core services

The following core services are available at all UHI library/learning resource centres:

  • access to books for loan and reference, and journals, which support the courses offered.
  • access to resources held across the network through inter-site loan (speak to your librarian), subject to local rules on borrowing.
  • access to PCs and other ICT facilities and access to the Internet
  • access to online information such as electronic journals and e-books.
  • access to other university libraries


Please note that we also offer a live library chat service where you can speak with our library team.  The service is available via:  

between  Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm during term-time.

The team also have a comprehensive knowledge base via: