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Authentication methods are changing

Microsoft are updating their Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods as they no longer see texts or voice methods as secure. This might affect how you usually sign in.

If you use text or voice to receive your code for MFA, you’ll be prompted to switch to the Microsoft Authenticator App for better security.

You can learn more about Multifactor Authentication and how to set up and use it on our UHI MFA Guide.

If you require further support, please contact the UHI ServiceDesk

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IT ServiceDesk Live Chat is Changing

From Tuesday 13th of June our IT live chat system is changing. The new chat service will be available via

You may notice when you contact us from the 13th that the chat interface has a slightly different look and feel but you will still get access to instant IT support all through the week.

The new system will help us provide a more modern experience and allow us to streamline the UHI chat services across several UHI services. This helps us provide a consistent and familiar experience for you when you require support at UHI.

If you have the old chat link bookmarked or saved as a favourite, please ensure that you update it to our new page as soon as you can.

Reminder for staff: The IT Live chat service is primarily for students and applicants that require IT assistance, should staff require IT/Facilities assistance they should continue to update or log tickets via unidesk: in the first instance.


The way you authenticate with us is changing (MFA)

As part of our continuing cyber security work to ensure that your accounts and data remain secure and safe, we are making some changes to the way you log into our systems. These changes are necessary to ensure that the University complies with Microsoft’s new security measures.

From the 27th of February Microsoft are changing the authentication process and this will mean you will see slightly different screens when you try to log in. You will no longer get the Approve/Deny option when you try to log in and will instead be asked to undertake a short number matching process.

NB. If you currently use text/phone call to authenticate there will be no changes to how you authenticate. This change only affects those using the app.

New Sign in process

From the 27th when you log into some of our Microsoft services you will need to undertake the new process.

Please see the video below for an example of MFA Number Matching.

You can download further details by clicking on the document here:

MFA Changes 15 02 23