The UHI Servicedesk is available to all university students and staff. We provide first line support for all queries and problems with any service provided by LIS as well as passing calls to local academic partner teams and 3rd party suppliers. Follow us on Twitter @uhiservicedesk for the latest updates on our services.

The Servicedesk can be contacted on the below details, however, we may decide to direct you to our new call logging system to log this yourself.

Self-Service portal


Please watch our short tutorial on using the UniDesk Self-Service Portal (SSP)


ICT Servicedesks at Academic Partner

Most Colleges within UHI also have local ICT servicedesks to provide on-site support. Please check with your local college for details of your local ICT Team. See Campus contact details.

Remote Assistance content

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

What is remote assistance?

This service allows the UHI Servicedesk team to connect directly to your computer to provide real time help with problems you might be experiencing. The team can view and control your desktop once connected. Files can also be transferred to your computer.

The Servicedesk will use different services to connect to your device:

  • TeamViewer software creates a unique and temporary support session with an ID number and password, which are only valid for the duration of the session. For peace of mind, everything the team does is visible to you at all times when connected and sessions are also recorded.
  • Direct remote support is done to connect to our corporate devices which provides us with admin rights to the machine to make amendments if need be.
  • Bomgar is our online chat service while has a built in remote support tool.

Before you call UHI Servicedesk

  • Your Microsoft device must be running Microsoft Windows 10
  • Your Mac device must be running Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • You will need a phone with you at the computer you are working at
  • Your computer must have a working network or broadband connection to the Internet
  • Close all sensitive or confidential documents before the session starts
Feedback content




Feedback on your experience

How was your experience with our Servicedesk team? Do you want to pass on positive comments or do you have a suggestion for improvement. No matter what you want to tell us, if it is the UHI Servicedesk or the Out of Hours Servicedesk, then let us know.

How do I give LIS feedback?

We like to hear from you when things go well and also when things don't go so well.

If you call UHI servicedesk or create a call with us, a link is sent to you in the call closure email which takes you to our LIS and ICT Survey. We look at all the feedback we receive to see if there are areas we can improve to deliver a better service.  There is a survey link contained with the closure tickets sent to you when a ticket is closed. The survey is quick and easy to complete plus we enter every response into a montlhy prize draw.  If you've missed the closure email you can login to the servicedesk system (usual username and password), click on the History Button, change the filter from 'All Active Calls' to 'Closed Calls' and take the survey from there.

You can also drop us an email if you wish to provide us with feedback on any of the services provided by LIS. If your feedback relates to a specific ticket, please detail this in the email. A member of the customer service team will respond within 2 weeks by email or phone if you prefer to discuss the problem. Feedback can also be escalated to the customer service manager if you require further information or need to escalate a problem.

Our role content

Our role

Our role

What we do

The servicedesk provided by UHI is here to help students and staff to make the best of the technical resources available to you. We will help with ICT difficulties or faults which may arise in a timely manner, to reduce the disruption to you. We will analyse the requests received to help improve the service we offer and to shape future technology plans.

Our commitment to you

  • we will always answer your call or email as quickly as we can
  • we will provide friendly service at all times and treat you with respect
  • we will aim to resolve your issue first time if possible
  • we will pass your request to the correct specialist or local ICT team if the servicedesk cannot resolve the call
  • we will keep you updated through the calls created so you know what progress has been made
  • we will analyse calls created to identify and resolve recurring problems
  • we will accurately make note of the details of your problem and refer to any history if required

The servicedesk team is your first point of contact and they will know who to pass your request to if it cannot be resolved first time. The university has a full team of technology specialists to deal with more in-depth problems. We also work with external service providers to maintain some of our services to you.

Call logging content

Call logging

Call logging

Step by step process

  • When you contact the UHI servicedesk, you will be asked for your username which will have been issued to you when you joined. This will be a student or staff ID
  • A ticket will be created in our call logging system (UniDesk) under your name.  If we believe that there is a form for your fault within UniDesk we may direct you to complete it.
  • A unique reference number will be generated and communicated to your email account
  • If you are calling about a previous call, you will be asked some security questions to verify your identity as well as any previous ticket numbers
  • The unique ticket number allows us to locate old calls and avoid duplication
  • If the servicedesk cannot resolve the request first time, it will be given a priority according to the severity and urgency of the problem
  • Your request will be passed to a specialist, local ICT team or service provider if the Servicedesk team cannot resolve it first time
  • You will receive email updates as to when your call is resolved or if further information is required from you
  • Once a request has been resolved, you will receive an email to confirm closure.  If no response is received after 5 days your call will be closed automatically
Privacy statement content

Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Your privacy when dealing with LIS

  • Information held in our call logging system is defined as personal data by the Data protection Act 1998
  • Information is held of the details of every request made to any UHI servicedesk. This includes any email correspondance sent to or from UHI in relation to the request

How we use this information

  • To track request progress and monitor the time taken to deal with it
  • Produce monthly statistics which are published by UHI for management and policy development purposes. These statistics will never include any personal data and are used solely to establish trends and fault analysis
  • Detailed solutions held within a closed request may be re-used for subsequent repeat requests but all personal data from the original request will have been removed

Who uses this information

  • This information may be shared when necessary and to facilitate members of staff within LIS to deal with requests made to UHI servicedesks.
  • It may also be shared with Academic partners within UHI at a departmental or local ICT team level to deal with a request which has been made
  • Data may also be shared where appropriate in circumstances, such as if a customer has already involved a 3rd party with the request initially
  • Access to information held within the database is restriced to staff within LIS and UHI Academic Partners who also use the webhelpdesk system

If the information is incorrect

  • If it becomes apparent that information held is inaccurate, it can be corrected by emailing
  • Any data changes made may be time stamped and held in a log of information recorded. This is not to show that data is necessarily inaccurate but corrections have been made as per user request

Further Information

Further information can be found in the Freedom of Information pages.