Information for Students


In these pages we go through some useful information about:

  • Setting up and securing your account
  • If you need to buy your own equipment
  • How to set up self service password reset
  • What happens to your account when you leave UHI

You will be using various technologies when undertaking a course with UHI which can be daunting at first, but we aim to give you a better understanding of what these are and how you can use them.  There is lots of information about our services on our UHI Service Catalogue pages which you can view at any point. 

Some of the key systems you may use during your studies are:

  • Brightspace
  • UHI Records
  • Turnitin
  • Office365 and Email
  • One Drive
  • Myday

The below list shows the various formats you should use for accessing our services.

ServiceUsername Format
Student ID 12340000
Computer Login 12340000
UHI Records
Libraries Resources

Should you have any issues/questions regarding technologies you will are using whilst at UHI please contact our Servicedesk who can assist.  Ways to contact us can be found on our Servicedesk page. Or for more information on our Assistive technologies please visit our Assistive Technologies page.

If you are studying from home and need to get yourself a Mobile Data Service for your device, we recommend that you visit our Broadband Speedtest page to ensure that you have sufficient networking for your studies.

Please also keep up to date with any IT issues or upates via our Twitter feed @uhiservicedesk