Research Units

We operate across the region through a partnership of thirteen colleges and research institutions (Academic Partners). Each Academic Partner is an autonomous body, has its own character and contributes to the organisation, giving a breadth and diversity that adds immeasurably to the learning and research opportunities we offer.

Academic Partners have their own micro-strategies and employ the majority of the research staff, make their own investments and exploit local autonomy in creating research activity within the wider university strategy. This breadth and diversity of the university partnership adds strength and impact to the main research themes at the local level, often based on our unique regional characteristics. It permits a growing cross disciplinary approach which enriches our research and allows our university to collaborate at the highest level.

Explore the individual units listed left (summary of capabilities and contacts) or use the links below to go direct to the relevant website;

1 - Perth College UHI Aerospace, Engineering, Mountain Studies, Culture & Heritage
2 - SAMS UHI Marine Biology, Smart Observations, Algae & Protozoa, Aquaculture
3 - West Highland College UHI Adventure tourism
4 - Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI Gaelic language and culture
5 - Inverness College UHI Forestry, Rivers & Lochs, Rural Studies
5 - Centre for Health Science Diabetes & Cardiovascular, Clinical Research, Rural Health
6 - Moray College UHI Art & Textiles
7 - Centre for History Irish, Scottish and British Diasporas Maritime History in the North Sea
8 - Lews Castle College UHI HebMarine, Socio-Economic analysis, Archaeology, Meteorology.
9 - North Highland College UHI Renewable Energy and the Environment, Climate Change,
Ecology and Ecosystems, Biogeochemistry, Ecotoxicology, Bioresources
10 - Orkney College UHI Archaeology, Nordic Studies, Agronomy
11 - NAFC Marine Centre UHI Aquaculture, Fisheries, Marine Policy
12 - Shetland College UHI Nordic Studies, Archaeology

Contact us

All of our research centres are listed to the left and each page contains a summary of the main activities and contacts for each centre. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for then please contact the Research Office and we will do our best point you in the right direction.

TEL: 01463 279000