How to use the videos


These videos can be used in a number of ways – both in the classroom as a teaching resource for employability, and as a self-directed learning resource. Students can review and use videos to inform their approach to CVs, applications and interviews, and to help them think about their skills and experience, and their future career pathway.

Making you think... content

Making you think...

To build on the content covered in these videos, individuals or groups could carry out the following tasks:

  • Imagine you have an interview with David from Gordon & MacPhail. He asks you if you have any questions. What do you want to find out? Think of 2 questions you could ask to make you stand out from the crowd, and appear genuinely interested in working at the organisation.
  • After hearing about David’s career pathway, what stood out to you most and what point would you take away from his journey?
  • Do a bit of research about Gordon & MacPhail. Which department or aspect of the business would you most like to work in and be involved in, and why?