Environment and Sustainability

At UHI we promote opportunities to become involved in environment and sustainability related activities and initiatives.

Why not become a UHI Green Champion, join a Sustainability Session or get some useful tips and advice from our Green Resources Hub.  We can all play our part in reducing our environmental impact and helping to create a greener world.  

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Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Did you know that hedgehog numbers in the UK have declined by up to a half since the year 2000?

Funded by The British Hedgehog Preservation Society, the aim of the project is to turn our campuses into places where hedgehogs can thrive once more.  Find out how you can get involved

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Our Climate Commitment

Find out more about UHI’s commitment to climate change and how we embed Sustainable Procurement throughout our supply chain.


Red Button

Use the Red Button to suggest improvements or to provide feedback on environment and sustainability related matters at your campus.

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