LGBTQ+ support


Response times from both UHI and external services can vary - if you need urgent support, please check this carefully. In an emergency, call 999.

UHI is not necessarily affiliated with the external services listed, and are not responsible for their content. 

Please check location, service remit, and privacy notices prior to contacting.

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General student support

Looking for general support as an LGBTQ+ student, or a student exploring their identity? Local Student Support Teams are your first port of call. They can direct you to other services, start processes like changing name/gender records, or just have a friendly chat and a cup of tea! Use this button to find your local contact details, or ask your PAT.

Mental health and counselling support

Anyone can experience a mental health problem or struggle at times, however the rates of things like low self esteem, depression, and anxiety can be higher in those in the LGBTQ+ community. Click this button to explore our mental health support, including general wellbeing tips, the 24/7 Student Assistance Programme, and the 'Green Button' counselling service.

Support against harassment and violence

The UHI Student Code of Conduct clearly states that harassment and abuse relating to a student's gender identity or sexual orientation is unacceptable in any environment. We group these harmful behaviours under the term 'Gender Based Violence' or GBV. UHI is committed to supporting any student who is a victim/survivor of this, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. At UHI, we will listen and we can help - click the button to find out more.

Specialist LGBTQ+ support content

Specialist LGBTQ+ support

Specialist LGBTQ+ support

We have listed services below which are available specifically for LGBTQ+ people, those related to/supporting LGBTQ+ people, and/or those considering issues around their sexuality and/or gender identity.

You may also wish to explore general help services, such as those for Mental Health or GBV.

  • Switchboard
    Information, support and referral services for lesbians, gay men and bisexual and trans people – and anyone considering issues around their sexuality and/or gender identity.
    Call: 0800 0119 100  Every Day 10:00-22:00
    Email and live chat services also available
  • LGBT Helpline Scotland
    Provide emotional and sexual health support, or can signpost to further services. You do not necessarily have to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and they understand that these terms can feel limiting or irrelevant to some people when exploring their sexuality or gender identity.
    Call: 0300 123 2523  Tuesdays & Wednesdays (12-9pm) Thursdays & Sundays (1-6pm)
  • LGBT Youth Scotland
    Digital support provided most evenings via a live chat service, for under 25s. Further information and support guides are available via their Advice Centre.
  • Galop
    Specialist support for LGBT+ people regarding harmful issues such as hate crime and conversion therapy, and domestic abuse.
    Call: 0800 999 5428
    Email, live chat, and webchat also available
  • Waverley Care 
    Waverley Care is Scotland’s leading HIV and hepatitis C charity. At local centres they may also provide sexual health testing and advice, peer support and support groups, free condoms, and specific support for gay and bisexual men (previously SX service).
  • Mindline Trans+
    A confidential emotional, mental health support helpline and signposting service for people who identify as Trans, A Gender, Gender Fluid, Non-binary.
    Call: 0300 330 5468  Friday Evenings
    FFLAG are a national charity supporting parents and family members of LGBTQ+ people. They support the full human and civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. They also host an online parents group.
  • TransActual 
    A transgender community resource with research and guides on issues such as access to healthcare.
Support for staff content

Support for staff

Support for staff

  • Online and in-person counselling, please speak to your HR team for more information

We hope to add more resources and helpful information to this page soon so if you have any suggestions, please get in touch via The Red Button or HR.