Online counselling


Online counselling is a growing area of psychotherapy and gives you the opportunity to access counselling support at a time and in a place which is convenient to you. It takes place on the internet and can take the form of emails (asynchronous) or real time instant messaging (synchronous) via Skype. It is secure and confidential and takes place in a safe, caring, non-judgemental and accepting environment.

Issues which online counselling can help with include:

  • a wish for change
  • abuse: emotional, physical, or sexual – current or previous
  • anxiety
  • bereavement and loss
  • bullying
  • depression
  • difficult emotions including anger, envy, jealousy and shame
  • relationships
  • self-esteem and/or confidence
  • sexuality and gender
  • stress
  • other issues related to your studies work or personal life.

It's useful if...

  • you enjoy expressing yourself in writing via text and computer
  • you'd prefer to take time to consider what you want to say and read back the exchanges
  • you can’t get to a therapist for face to face sessions
  • you want to cut down on waiting times which exist in many places

This service can be accessed by submitting your details using our secure confidential contact service below. Once you have submitted your contact details a qualified counsellor will reply to you within two working days.

Our counsellors are trained specifically and additionally in online counselling and work within professional counselling ethics. The service is offered in English or Gaelic.