The university takes student views seriously and uses your feedback to inform decision making processes and enhance the student experience.

Why am I surveyed?

We are interested in the views of all our students, not just those who attend committees or submit complaints. Surveys are a useful and efficient way of gathering feedback from our large, and geographically dispersed, student population.

What surveys will I be asked to complete?

There are a number of surveys that take place over the academic year. Most are open to all students, but some are only available to specific student groups (e.g. final year degree students, postgraduate students). You will also be invited to take part in our graduate outcomes survey 15 months after you finish your studies.

What happens to the results?

All of your feedback goes on a three stage journey: Students’ views are gathered via surveys; university committees discuss the results and formulate action plans; changes are made to teaching, curricula and services.

Sometimes, changes can take a while to take effect:

  • Changes to teaching delivery can only be implemented in the following year
  • Significant changes to curriculum must go through the university approvals process
  • The university makes sure that issues affecting a significant number of students are prioritised. Sometimes it takes a while to identify what these issues are

If you have an urgent issue that you feel is not being dealt with you can use the Red Button.