Externally hosted technologies: Conditions


Externally hosted technologies terms and conditions, e.g. Facebook and Twitter

Some of our courses require students to register with and use externally hosted technologies such as the social media site Facebook. Externally hosted technologies are technologies run by service providers that are not connected with the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI).

If you have been informed that your course will be using externally hosted social media and you haven't already registered with the service(s) (for example, if you don't already have a Facebook account), you will be required to register with the relevant service provider(s). Registration usually involves providing personal data and acceptance of the terms, conditions data use policy and cookie use policy for each service provider.

Prior to registration with the externally hosted technology service provider(s), please click the relevant link(s) below and read the information carefully.

Application to a University of the Highlands and Islands course using an externally hosted technology indicates that you have read, understood and agreed to the registration conditions for these externally hosted technologies. Should you require more information please contact LT@uhi.ac.uk.

Note: for the purposes of studying at the university, please do not register with an externally hosted technology service provider until you are requested to do so by your lecturer or tutor.

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Note: All staff and students (FE and HE) must now use OnlineSurvey (formally BOS) to conduct university-related research (e.g. undergraduate business students conducting market research projects, post graduate students conducting surveys etc.). See the Ethics site for more information.