Margaret Antonson

Director of planning and performance content

Director of planning and performance

Margaret is UHI’s Director of planning and performance with oversight and leadership of the development and implementation of the institutional planning and performance cycle and delivery of the university’s data services strategy. Her role includes responsibility for the planning, data services and student records office teams.

With almost 30 years’ experience in the further and higher education sectors, Margaret has held senior roles in planning, marketing, recruitment and admissions. She has a long connection with the UHI partnership having started her further education career at Perth College, before moving to the university in 2007. During this time Margaret has set up and supported a number of partnership partitioner groups as well as representing UHI in sector planning and policy groups.

A biochemistry graduate, with a postgraduate business qualification, Margaret developed a curiosity and love of research and data insight from conducting numerous patient research projects while working in the NHS, transferring these skills to the education sector. Margaret continues to be based at UHI Perth.