Stòras Beò nan Gàidheal

Stòras Beò nan Gàidheal/Taisce Bheo na nGael content

Stòras Beò nan Gàidheal/Taisce Bheo na nGael

A pilot project with a focus on the collection of exemplary samples of Gaelic speech from vernacular communities in Scotland and Ireland with user-friendly equipment and techniques.

Interviewer and interviewee examining artwork

This project aims to establish an ongoing process of recording cultural resources in a “live lab” approach that engages with Gaelic communities in an interactive and dynamic manner while producing rich resources for the future. It envisages a continuing exchange between community and academia, and between Ireland and Scotland, in relation to the lived cultural resource of the Gaelic languages. In addition to the inherent value of the process itself, the added benefit of this exchange will be the creation of an authentic cultural resource to inform and bolster language planning efforts in support of the communities producing it. It is an engagement with existing communities about their heritage with an eye to the future, that takes advantage of new advances in digital capture and language support technology to address a vital and urgent need.

Scottish examples have already been created. You can access them on Clilstore via the links below. Each Clilstore entry contains a full online video (on YouTube), together with a wordlinked transcript, and a summary description (under Unit Info).