Staff development


Staff development across the university is offered and delivered by programmes developed locally and, increasingly, by the university Learning and Teaching Academy (LTA). There are university-wide schemes, LTA ledschemes and you should also check with your local research lead on what specific support has been developed for researchers in your discipline.


All information on available staff development has been moved to SharePoint - please click the below link to the SharePoint area (university login required). It includes subjects such as:

  • University Mentoring Scheme
  • Research Sabbatical Scheme
  • Staff Development fund
  • Researcher Development Concordat
  • Links to Vitae information and guides
  • Publishing guides from Elsevier
  • Conference Fund (for help to attend conferences)

The researcher resources area on Sharepoint has further information on Open Access, publishing in general, data management, ICT support for research, depositing work in Pure, finding and applying for research funding, REF information and so on.