How to use the videos


These videos can be used in a number of ways – both in the classroom as a teaching resource for employability in relation to a future in management, and as a self-directed learning resource. Students can review and use videos to inform their approach to applications and interviews, and to help make a decision about whether a summer internship experience is something they’d like to consider.

Making you think... content

Making you think...

To build on the content covered in these videos, individuals or groups could carry out the following tasks:

  • Consider how the University of the Highlands and Islands’ Graduate Attributes (academic skills, communication, self-management, interpersonal skills, and social awareness) could complement and fit in with IBM’s key competencies (strong work ethic, flexibility, communication, leadership, and customer service) if you were thinking of working for.
  • Think of examples where you could demonstrate that you have experience and skills in the key competencies listed by IBM: strong work ethic, flexibility, communication, leadership, and customer service.
  • Often at interview stage, the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions about the company or job.
    Do a bit of research about IBM and think of some questions you could ask them in an interview situation. Consider how you can highlight knowledge of the company (successes, challenges, competitors, etc.); show willingness to succeed/thrive (look at promotion routes, success stories, etc.); and/or highlighting your interest in the opportunity (such as level of responsibility of interns or graduates, daily tasks, experiencing different departments).