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Visit the company’s website and social media pages for information on careers, what it’s like to work for the company and what to expect. There are lots of great case studies and videos to tell you a bit more about the experience of others, and hopefully get you excited about the prospect of working for IBM – or elsewhere – to build up some valuable experience and skills, and kick start your journey into future work!

Twitter: @IBM_UK_news / https://twitter.com/ibm_uk_news?lang=en

Facebook: @IBM / https://www.facebook.com/IBM/

Website: https://www.ibm.com/employment/

Careers and employability: advice and guidance content

Careers and employability: advice and guidance

For advice and guidance on careers, employability, applications, interviews and CVs, the university’s Careers and Employability Team are in place to help you. They can talk through options and ideas with you, help you get started, and provide practical help when it comes to interview and CV preparation: “Look up, look forward, be in the know.”

Email: careers@uhi.ac.uk

Telephone: 01463 279213

Twitter: @UHICareers / https://twitter.com/UHICareers

Facebook: @UHICareersandAlumni / https://en-gb.facebook.com/UHICareersandAlumni/  

Website: https://www.uhi.ac.uk/en/students/careers/