Brightspace is the university's Learning Environment (LE)

All students will be able to access Brightspace once they have been enrolled on their units/modules.

Resit information for students is available here.  We have also prepared information on how to blog in Mahara using Brightspace.

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Why Brightspace?

After listening to what students and staff want from their Learning Environment, D2L's Brightspace was chosen as the best product.  We believe that it offers an enhanced online learning experience and that you will enjoy the new features that the software will provide.

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How are we preparing for Brightspace?

Staff are currently working to prepare learning materials for the transition. This involves staff training, preparation of learning materials, and the organisation of content.

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How can I prepare?

Support for users of Brightspace is available in the Getting online resource of our Essential Student Skills suite. Guidance for those new to the learning environment includes a system checker, recommended resources and a virtual tour of the interface where areas of the screen are embedded with further information. Please take some time to view these resources.  


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Support and questions

If you have any questions please feel free to email Student engagement staff are part of the Brightspace transition project team. The team consists of university staff from the Educational Development Unit (EDU), Learning and Teaching Academy (LTA), Learning and Information Services (LIS) and Student Support. They are overseeing the staff development, and staff and student engagement with the transition to the new LE.

Will Turnitin still be available? content Logo of Turnitin software

Will Turnitin still be available?

Yes, it will also be made available from August 2019 within Brightspace.

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Brightspace FAQs

When can I access Brightspace?

All students will be able to access Brightspace once they have been enrolled on their units/modules.

How do I find the Brightspace learning environment?

Brightspace will appear on your MyDay page or can be accessed directly at

What are the arrangements for resits?

If you are taking resits this summer, please first speak to your tutor. They will tell you what the arrangements are for your class. If the arrangements involve using Brightspace for resits, please read this resit guide for students to help with practical arrangements.