Peer support

Build your learning community with us! content

Build your learning community with us!

While you are at university you can further develop your skills, gain confidence and gain from learning together by building your own learning community.  We have gathered the resources to help you build your own learning community and are available to support you as you work with others on your course to support your peers. 

New to online study?  See our factsheet -  Studying online - tips for students

Study groups

Why not set up your own study group?  Often students like to get together to support each other in their studies, and by working together as a group you can develop study skills and work through problems more effectively. The group benefits from the insights and understanding of the entire group so that you progress faster as students. 

Setting up a study group can also boost your own confidence and develop your skills.

Advice to set up a group may be downloaded in this guide: Effective peer support - online study groups , or this alternative for in person groups: Peer support - study groups guide


It is sometimes helpful for new students to hear about your experiences in a group setting.  By arranging to give a presentation, you can help new students by sharing your experiences and insights of study at University.  You should aim to speak for around 20 minutes, and then allow some time for the other students to ask questions and have some discussion.  You don’t need to have all the answers.  Rather, be prepared to signpost students to further information, and share your experiences as a student. 

Peer support - presentations

Mentoring skills

Peer mentoring skills may be used by students to share their knowledge and experience. This information sheet details some of the principles and strategies of mentoring so that you will be prepared to get involved in peer support.

mentoring skills for students 

Careers events

Why not attend a careers event with some of your friends?  The careers and employability service organise events throughout term.  It is an opportunity to learn about employment sectors, network and ask questions. 

Volunteering recognition

The hours that you dedicate to peer support activities can be recognised as volunteering.  Hours can count towards awards such as the university's Skills and Employability Award or the Saltire Awards