Thinking of leaving?


If your circumstances change and you are thinking about whether to continue your studies, make contact with a member of staff to discuss your options. Talk to anyone you feel comfortable approaching- you can telephone or email if you’d rather not meet face to face.

If you’ve already decided to leave UHI you must discuss this with your PAT or another member or staff who can process your withdrawal for you. Please do this as soon as you can.

What are the options?

  • Support to help you continue
    UHI staff can discuss the available support that can help you continue. For example: study skills advice, assistive technologies, funding.
  • Change of course or mode of study
    You may want to keep studying and transfer to another course, either at the same UHI campus or another. You may want to change from full time to part-time study.
  • Temporary withdrawal / suspension of studies
    A period of time out from study may be appropriate, allowing you to return at a later date. Staff may be in touch to your home email address while you are on a break in study, this will be to provide or offer support to you when you may be thinking of returning. They will also be available to support you with any academic, student support or financial matters or queries you may have
  • Permanent withdrawal
    Where you come to a decision that study is not right for you just now and you cannot see yourself returning then you may wish to permanently withdraw. This does not prevent you from applying to study at UHI in the future.

Withdrawal procedure


Financial implications

Please carefully read the withdrawal section in the university fees policy for details on the potential for financial impact if you choose to withdraw. This can be accessed at

If your employer or another sponsor assists with your fees, you should also let them know of your plans at the earliest opportunity. 


SAAS-funded students withdrawing prior to 01 December will be charged a £100 administrative fee.

SAAS-funded students withdrawing after 01 December will be eligible for less funding in the future, should they decide to take up another HE course.



See the SAAS website for more details.

RUK, International or Self-financing students should refer to the fees policy for details of fees due or partial refunds


Post-graduate ESIF funded students may be liable for a portion of fees, please refer to the fees policy


Student Loans, Discretionary and Childcare Funds

Depending on how many instalments you have received, you may be required to repay part, or all, of the loan amount.

See your local Academic Partner for details

Other support

If you are considering permanently withdrawing from your course, you may wish to discuss your career options with someone.  The Careers and Employability Centre have impartial staff who are happy to discuss your options with you. 

If your decision to withdraw is related to your studies and you would like to discuss this with us, please let us know at the red button

Students using one of our student halls should check regarding any potential implications of leaving early. 

Privacy notice

To view the privacy notice in relation to withdrawal, suspension or transfer, please click here to view the withdrawal privacy notice.