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You said, we did | thuirt sibhse, Rinn sinneThe university takes student feedback very seriously, and it is integrated into all our planning and decision-making processes.


Below are some of the actions taking place this year as a result of student feedback:

You said...We did...
You'd like to see self service for reporting issues and problems.

We introduced UniDesk with over 100 self service forms for a range of our services and a new knowledgebase with FAQ’s and guidance to help you with your problems 24 hours a day.

You wanted more online training videos.

We have expanded UHI Servicedesk bitesize videos for you to view guidance on how to use some of our key services.

You wanted us to improve our environmental impact. Our print service has reduced the amount of printing by 25%.
Better Wi-Fi is needed for all students at all UHI locations.

The university has made a major investment and replaced the Wi-Fi service making it more reliable, faster and easier to connect to than the old service.

You wanted better Out of Hours Support.

UHI Servicedesk employed 2 students last year to provide an Out of Hours Service and will be repeating it again for 2019–20

More support for career development is needed.  The university's Careers Centre have launched FutureMe. An online service designed to allow students to book and manage careers appointments; search and book onto careers-related events; upload CVs for feedback; and search the Job Shop for jobs and volunteering opportunities. 
There are little social events that bring people together from around UHI. HISA ran it's first Adventure Weekend in May, bringing together students from across UHI to take part in adventure activities and team building events. 
You want to see more clubs and societies for students.  The number of clubs and societies across the campuses are continuing to grow and HISA is working with the Careers Centre to offer Leadership Training to clubs and society members to help them to be sustainable. 
You Said, We Did 2018 content

You Said, We Did 2018

You Said, We Did 2018

Here are some of the actions which were made as a result of student feedback during 2018:

You said...We did...
The support on Blackboard and for other IT issues was quite minimal at times. We are increasing the core hours of our service-desk team including employing students to help with more of your specific issues.
There have been many technical issues with VCs. The university continues to invest in its videoconferencing platform.  In the future it will be possible to join a conference from a studio, a web page, client software or Skype for Business. This will be embedded in the new VLE giving an easy way of joining your videoconferencing lectures and tutorials.
Better Wi-Fi is needed for all students at all UHI locations. The university has committed to making a major investment in the next generation of Wi-Fi service and will begin introducing the new service during 2018/19.
The Wi-Fi often loses connection. The Wi-Fi is only as good as the capacity of the network it uses to access the internet. We are continuing to upgrade data connection capacity to our sites when new links become available. We have also been upgrading the local area network where necessary to increase capacity and resilience.
Printers can often be unavailable due to various departments all accessing the same one. We have introduced a ‘print from mobile’ service across participating academic partners. Visit print.uhi.ac.uk
Online learning can be quite isolating and there is often a lack of peer support. We have developed resources to support students in building their own learning communities and to set up peer support networks.
More clubs or extra-curricular activities are needed so that students can meet other students. HISA clubs and societies has grown from 16 in 2016/17 to 54 at the end of 2017/18.  We will be focussing more on this through the 2018/19 Student Partnership Agreement. 
More careers advice which is specific to my area of study would be really beneficial. The Careers and Employability Centre are working in partnership with programmes and local employers to deliver workshops which are tailored to specific sectors, to help improve your prospects, networking and CV and interview skills.
You Said, We Did 2017 content

You Said, We Did 2017

You Said, We Did 2017

Here are some of the actions which were made as a result of student feedback during 2017:

You said… We did…
It can be frustrating trying to find articles or books that are needed for a particular module. The reading lists for each module can now be searched online using Rebus:list, which provides links to book availability and also links to ebooks that can be accessed on and off campus.
The videoconference system can sometimes be unreliable. Jabber has been replaced with Cisco Spark for desktop VC users and dial-in VC’s have been introduced for courses so that VC rooms are better utilised by not having ‘empty rooms’ connecting to classes and using up network capacity.
There should be more opportunity for students to come together. HISA ran its first ever UHI Sports Day with plans for an even bigger event in 2018.
Students need to have more contact with their PATs. There was a review of the PAT role during 2016/17 which will ensure that all PATs are regularly engaging with students and providing suitable support.
Access to journal articles needs to be improved. The university library has launched a new journal platform called BrowZine, where you can browse, read, and monitor online journals.
There is a need for more student social events to give students from all year groups a chance to spend time with each other. With the support of HISA, Freshers 2017 was the biggest it has ever been with increased social events for new and returning students.

The Wi-Fi needs improved, it often loses connection and can become very slow.

Upgrades to the network are being made to bring faster, more reliable circuits to all sites.

The Wi-Fi service has been simplified by removing the BYOD network “UHI” and introducing Eduroam for FE students as well as HE students. There is now no need to register your device as before.

We are continually tackling Wi-Fi black spots by adding more access points. Your feedback is greatly appreciated so we can quickly identify them.

The university is committed to making a major investment in the next generation of Wi-Fi service. We have initiated the project to look at the options with a view to begin introducing a new service during academic session 2018-19.

Improve funding and bursaries for all students. HISA presented a strong case to the ‘Scottish Government Review of Student Support’ to ensure the needs of students in the Highlands and Islands are included.
Improve Blackboard facilities to enhance the user experience. The university is undertaking a full scale VLE review to improve the facilities and enhance the user experience.
Facilities and resources need to be improved. HISA are working with the colleges to produce local ‘Student Partnership Agreements’ to improve facilities and resources at local level.
Conference dial in codes keep changing throughout the semester. We have introduced conference meeting rooms with fixed dial in codes which can be found easily using the new My Lectures tile on the student portal MyDay.
If I dial in early to a VC I don't get a response from the system causing me uncertainty about whether there is an issue with connecting. With the new conference meeting rooms you can now dial in early and have the reassurance you are in the conference waiting on your fellow participants to connect.
It can often be difficult to get help with videoconferencing and other IT issues. The university has simplified the processes for getting videoconferencing help. The Service Desk 150 number now gives access to more channels of communication and additional resource to resolve basic issues e.g. bookings, dial in codes.

We’ve refreshed the videoconferencing service guide leaflets and our IT help web pages.

Improvements need to be made to the process of planning videoconferences. A videoconferencing timetabling team has been created to coordinate the planning of videoconferencing activity across the network, working with academics and room bookers in each academic partner to ensure individual teaching events are sympathetically timetabled, taking into account related programme activity, room availability and system capacity.