What surveys will I be asked to complete?


Most students will be asked to complete three surveys per year: surveys at the end of each semester for each of their modules/units  and one survey at the end of the year (SSES for most students, NSS for final year undergraduates).

 Student surveys timeline


National Student Survey (NSS) content

National Student Survey (NSS)

National Student Survey (NSS)

The National Student Survey is completed by students across the UK and asks final year undergraduates about their experience on their course. It runs during February, March and April every year and is administered by Ipsos Mori, an independent market research agency. Survey responses are anonymous.

The National Student Survey 2024 opens for University of the Highlands and Islands students between 05 February and 24 April 2024.

The NSS Brief Report 2023 with survey results is now available

Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey (SSES) content

Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey (SSES)

Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey (SSES)

This survey is administered by the university on behalf of the Scottish Funding Council. It is sent to all students (other than those required to take part in the National Student Survey) and responses are anonymous.

The survey contains ten core questions (although some academic partners may choose to add more of their own) and asks about students' experience of learning, feedback and skills development, as well as their views on their Students' Association.

End of module/unit surveys content

End of module/unit surveys

End of module/unit surveys

These short surveys are issued at the end of each semester to everyone studying on a degree module (and some HN units).

They are an opportunity to give direct feedback to the teaching staff on your module or unit. These surveys are administered by the University and responses are anonymous. There are 14 questions - 11 multiple choice and three open-ended- which ask students' opinions on different aspects of their academic experience such as teaching, content and assessment and feedback.

Surveys for postgraduate students content

Surveys for postgraduate students

Surveys for postgraduate students

The university takes part in two surveys for postgraduate students which run in alternate years. PRES (Postgraduate Research Experience Survey) and PTES (Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey) are both administered by the Higher Education Academy and responses are anonymous.

These surveys are the chance for postgraduates to feedback their experiences on teaching and learning. We need to know what postgraduates think so we can address issues and keep doing what is valued. It is an opportunity to say what went well and what could have been improved.

How are PRES/PTES carried out?

The surveys are hosted online by JISC Online Surveys. In semester 2, all eligible postgraduate students will receive an email from JISC Online Surveys asking them to complete the survey. 

Any students not completing the survey within the first couple of weeks will receive further reminders.

Who will be surveyed?

The PTES will include all taught postgraduate students at the university on courses of at least 60 credits. Students on teacher training and SVQ courses are not included in this survey. If you do not wish to participate, please email studentengagement@uhi.ac.uk and we will remove your name from the survey list.

PRES will cover our postgraduate research students. Please let the research office know if you do not wish to participate. 

What questions are asked?

The survey questions are broken down into the following areas:

  • The experience of teaching and learning, including staff, learning materials, working with other students, workload, and feeding back on experience;
  • Assessment and feedback, including supervisor support for dissertation or major project;
  • Organisation and management, including induction and involvement in course decisions;
  • Resources and services, including learning resources and overall support;
  • Skills development, including independent learning, research skills and career skills;
  • Motivation for taking the programme and information provided by the institution to help course choice;
  • Demographic details, including on previous education and fluency in English.

How can I access the results?

The PTES results 2023 may now be downloaded. National results can be found on the Higher Education Academy website

For more information about these surveys please contact studentengagement@uhi.ac.uk

Privacy notice and further information

ThePTES and PRES Privacy Notice is available to download here. 

The PTES Student Guide has further information on this survey.

Postgraduate taught experience survey

Early Student Experience Survey (ESES) content

Early Student Experience Survey (ESES)

Early Student Experience Survey (ESES)

This survey is sent out by a number of Academic Partners in October-November to ask students about their experience of their first few weeks. Anonymised responses are analysed, and results reported to Academic Partner and University committees to inform changes and improvements.