Zooming in on graduate attributes

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The graduate attributes are designed to support reflection, dialogue and personal development aspirations and planning.  You are encouraged to work with them in ways that are meaningful to you. We have designed some resources to help you explore the graduate attributes and share your experiences.

Zooming in infographic content An image of the

Zooming in infographic

Download the Zooming-in infographic (Word) or Zooming-in infographic (pdf) document to use in a range of reflective activities.  It can be used as a structure for self-reflection or as the basis of a group activity both in a face to face or online learning environment.

Reflective activity cards content Image of set of graduate attribute cards

Reflective activity cards

Sets of graduate attribute activity cards can be obtained from the Learning and Teaching Academy.  Each set of cards contains a description of the cards; suggestions on how to use the cards and a card for each of the five attributes.  The reverse side of each of the cards provides prompt questions to explore how the graduate attribute can be used to support reflection, dialogue and personal development planning.  To request sets of the cards contact lta@uhi.ac.uk.  To create your own cards or to link to a pdf version of the cards, use the link in the Downloads box.



Focus piece template content An image of the template for graduate attribute focus pieces

Focus piece template

The Focus piece template has been designed as a simple format to write up a focus piece on your use of the graduate attributes.  The diversity in the application of the graduate attributes will be highlighted through the sharing of examples from across the university.  The template can be downloaded as a Word or pdf document.  Please complete the template and email to allow us to share your graduate attribute stories.