Graduation and celebration of success and achievement 2023


Graduates in gowns

At UHI it's all about your student journey and celebrating your achievements, whatever course or level you complete.

We are pleased to invite all students who have completed their course to our 2023 graduation and celebration of success and achievement events.

These celebration events are open to students who are being awarded and those who will be awarded later because of delays caused by current industrial action.

Eligible students will receive an email inviting them to register their details to receive their award certificate, where appropriate, and select the partner ceremony of their choice.

We want to make sure that all UHI students can celebrate their achievements with classmates and families, marking the completion or expected completion of their studies.

We’ll be making a few small changes to our ceremonies, so everyone feels included.

Please note that each student’s name and course title will be included in programmes in print and online and may be sent to the local and national media lists for coverage and publication, both in print and online. If you object to the publication of your personal data in this way, please log into UHI Records with your UHI student ID and password. Click on Student Hub at the top of the page and under the "To Do" section click on the link in the awards and graduation section You can read our graduation and celebration of success and achievement privacy notice.