Student partnership agreement


The Student Partnership Agreement sets out how students and staff can work together to improve the student experience.

The document was developed in light of recommendations in the Post-16 Education Green Paper which advocated all Scottish universities to have a Student Partnership Agreement (SPA) with their student association. The government hoped the agreements would highlight how students can influence the life of their university and set out areas which staff and students can work on together to improve the student experience.  The university was the first in Scotland to introduce a SPA. 

The agreement for 2020-21 was agreed with the university's Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee (QAEC) and HISA.  You can read the SPA 2020-21 here. This file also contains details of progress towards the work themes detailed in the 2019-20 SPA.  Please email  if you would like further information.

Agreement news and updates

A working group has been established to take forward areas for joint working this year. The group meets on a monthly basis and is comprised of university staff and members of HISA staff and student officers. This year we are working to develop student representation, support during the COVID pandemic, sport, teaching awards, social engagement, digital poverty, student surveys and environmental issues. As a result of the student 'LOOP' conference, we have also set a number of student - generated 'SMART' targets which will be reported on during the year. 

Latest news from the SPA is published SPA 2020-21 progress update. and in our Network students newsletter.

Student representatives may find this briefing note from our partners at sparqs useful for their work duirng the current pandemic. 

If you would like to know more about any of these activities, contact a HISA representative or