Student representation


Student representation is an important way for students to engage with the university. It is the process of ensuring all students have their say in the quality of their learning and teaching and their overall student experience, so that all students have the best possible experience while studying with us. It is also a long established method that students use to boost their skills and employability.

We provide a number of ways for you become involved in student representation. All students can provide feedback on their course or programme through evaluations and surveys. You might become a student voice representative (rep), or serve on a university committee. There are also occasional opportunities to become involved with short term representation projects such as subject reviews and various focus groups that are held. These opportunities inform decision making that directly affects you as a student, as well as contributing to enhancements that will impact students in the future.

Student voice representatives

Student voice representatives (reps) are the link between staff and students. They play an important role in enhancing student satisfaction in learning, as well as the overall student experience through facilitating communication and working in partnership with staff to make positive changes.

Benefits of becoming a student voice rep:

  • Improve the learning experience for you, fellow students and future students.
  • Enhance the relationships you have with staff and other students.
  • Opportunities to meet other students from different courses and different academic partners.
  • Gain new skills that are good for future employment.
  • Log hours for Class Rep activities with volunteer awards programmes.

Electing a student voice rep

Your lecturer will arrange for your class to elect a student voice rep by the end of September. Sometimes it may be necessary to hold a vote if there are several students in the class volunteering to be the rep. A simple show of hands will suffice in these occasions. Your lecturer will then pass on the elected students’ name and contact details to appropriate staff and to the Students’ Association. All reps will receive full training to enable them to carry out their role.

Training of student voice reps

There are a number of staff and student officers across the partnership who are available to train reps. Please contact your local student engagement officer or email us at  if you would like to book one of us to train your reps.

A 'What you need to know' Class reps information leaflet for staff is available to help support class reps in their role.

Students serving on committees

The University is committed to supporting you as a student representative. When you join a University committee you will receive information about that committee, and how you can best serve on it. A Students on committees induction is available to help you to get the most from the experience. Please feel free to pass on this template to the clerk of any committee you are a member of, and they will be pleased to supply you with a customised version relevant to the committee you are joining. A Gaelic version of the induction is also available.